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What is breast reconstruction surgery?

Reconstruction surgery for the breasts is performed to restore one or both of the breasts to a normal appearance in shape and size after a lumpectomy or mastectomy. It is also available to repair the chest if it has been damaged by a birth defect or trauma. Advances in reconstructive surgery make it easier for breast cancer patients to feel fully healed and attain natural-looking breasts after their natural breasts have been removed. This surgery generally involves a few procedures and various stages that may either be done at the beginning of your cancer treatment or delayed until a later date. In addition, our primary caregiver, Dr. Ben Schultz, ABPS Certified, offers three distinctive techniques for meeting your exact reconstructive needs: oncoplastic reconstruction, implant-based reconstruction, and microvascular reconstruction. In oncoplastic options, the lumpectomy and reconstruction are done all in one surgical procedure. This approach tends to preserve as much of the natural breast as possible while excising potentially harmful tissues and evening out the healthy tissues. The most common breast reconstructive option, implant-based reconstruction, utilizes saline or silicone implants. Individuals who choose this procedure are often able to achieve their ideal look following surgery. Our Baltimore, MD plastic surgeon will create an individualized surgical plan and will use a compassionate approach as we work with you and your cancer team to restore your appearance and confidence at Ben Schultz, M.D., Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Reconstruction?

For several reasons, breast reconstruction surgeries done at Ben Schultz, M.D. can be requested. No matter why you require or would like to have this surgery, our team will assist you to get outcomes that have you looking and feeling beautiful. Advantages of breast reconstruction procedures at our Baltimore, MD practice involve:

  • Resolving concerns from past procedures
  • High odds of success, low amount of risks, and outcomes that last a long time
  • Renewed confidence
  • Ability to choose between a few reconstructive techniques
  • Fixing both aesthetic and medical concerns
  • Having balance in the upper body

How is breast reconstruction performed?

There are many techniques available for breast reconstruction. There are also multiple factors that Dr. Schultz considers when determining the technique that will produce the best results. Some of these factors include cancer diagnosis, when the reconstruction is performed, whether you will use implants or natural tissue, and if nipple reconstruction or nipple-sparing is a part of the treatment plan. Your surgeon's technique will also depend upon the kind of procedure you agree on together in your preoperative consultation:

Oncoplastic Reconstruction: This approach attempts to preserve as much of the initial breast tissue as possible. Dr. Schultz will strategically perform a lumpectomy, removing any malignant or potentially harmful tissue. After the lumpectomy, Dr. Schultz and his team will reconstruct the remaining tissues to create even, natural breasts with the patient's own tissue. This procedure is popular for preserving as much natural appearance as possible while also providing patients with peace of mind that their cancerous cells have been removed.

Implant-based Reconstruction: Following a mastectomy, implant-based reconstruction can be a good option for patients looking to avoid scarring in other parts of their body that can result from flap procedures and if you are looking for a quicker surgery and healing time following your reconstruction. This procedure can use the initial mastectomy site for incision, avoiding creating new scarring, and through this opening, Dr. Schultz will insert the agreed-upon type and size of implants. These implants can be placed above or below muscle layers in the chest, depending on your individual case.

Microvascular Reconstruction: In microvascular breast reconstruction, Dr. Schultz will discuss options for harvesting tissue from other areas of your body in order to reconstruct breast tissue from naturally occurring cells. This tissue can come from the lower belly, buttocks, or occasionally, the inner thigh. The resulting procedures, known as flap procedures, are among the most natural-looking and feeling of the reconstructive procedures but are more highly invasive and come with their own set of qualifiers for receiving these surgical techniques.

Breast reconstruction FAQs

Is breast reconstruction safe?

Breast reconstruction is a safe way to restore the appearance of your breasts after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. The surgery is performed by a skilled plastic surgeon who uses top techniques and technologies that minimize your risk of complications. Anyone with concerns about the safety of breast reconstruction should speak with Dr. Schultz to learn more.

Do breast reconstruction results look natural?

Yes, breast reconstruction results can look very natural. At our Baltimore practice, we offer a variety of breast reconstruction techniques that achieve your desired look without appearing "worked on." Our goal is always to create breasts that look and feel as realistic as possible.

How long does it take to recover from breast reconstruction surgery?

The recovery time for breast reconstruction surgery varies based on the type of procedure you undergo. However, all patients will need to take time off from work and other activities so their bodies rest and heal. We can provide specific instructions on how to care for your breasts and what activities to avoid.

Reclaim your self-confidence today!

While the process of breast reconstruction can be lengthy and emotionally taxing, it is considered one of the most beneficial cosmetic surgeries for our Baltimore, MD patients at Ben Schultz, M.D., Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. It may help improve the physical and emotional impact of a mastectomy while also allowing you to restore your figure and self-confidence. If you have breast cancer, have had trauma to the chest, or have a congenital defect that affects the appearance of your breasts, we encourage you to call our Baltimore, MD office and make an appointment with Dr. Ben Schultz today.

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