Breast Lift Surgery in Baltimore, MD

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What is a Breast Lift?

A surgical breast lift is a body contouring treatment that reshapes the breasts by removing loose skin and pulling tight the healthy tissue to create a more youthful and healthier appearance. This body reshaping surgery is performed for women who have lost breast fullness and shape and who have breast drooping due to aging, significant weight loss, or nursing. Huge advancements in breast lift surgery have made this treatment so effective that new stats from the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) show nearly a 70% increase in demand since 2000. By using the most state-of-the-art methods, Dr. Ben Schultz, ABPS Certified, can decide on the correct technique based on the degree of sag present as well as the desired aesthetic goal.

How is a breast lift performed?

Breast lift surgery can take two hours or more and is performed using general anesthesia. The timeframe of this treatment depends on the severity of breast ptosis. The surgical technique used for cosmetic breast lift surgery typically falls within two categories — the technique is defined by the size, location, and nature of the incision. The anchor technique (inverted-T) and the straight line vertical incisions are the preferred methods. The incision is first completed, and any loose, unhealthy skin is carefully trimmed away along with breast tissue and fat that is not needed. The remaining skin is then tightened and the breasts are lifted — so they appear younger and healthy. In many cases, the size and shape of the areola are reconstructed and reduced to match the new breast. At this point, an implant or a fat transfer can be placed inside the breast if this was discussed with Dr. Schultz before surgery. If a breast lift is the only procedure being performed and if breast size is a concern, breast implants can be implemented at a different date.

Healthier-Looking Breasts

Surgical breast lifting has changed the lives of many patients in the greater Baltimore area. If you desire the more youthful breasts you once had and feel more confident in your clothing styles, a breast lift may be the answer to your problems. When you have your first visit, a thorough breast assessment will be given by Dr. Schultz, and your aesthetic concerns will be discussed. We will determine a tailored surgical plan to assist in transforming your breasts. We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about how to schedule a consultation.

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