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What is a thigh lift?

Losing weight is a great triumph for anyone; however, women and men who reach their goal weight may need one additional thing to finalize their physical transformation. Based on how long you carried the extra weight and how much of that weight you lost, hanging skin may be an added issue if the skin wasn't able to mold to the new size and shape of your body. The thighs are particular areas of trouble for many people. Baltimore, MD plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Schultz, ABPS Certified, offers thigh lift surgery (known as thighplasty), which trims extra skin on the outer or inner thighs to create a tighter, more contoured look. Thighplasty surgery has risen in popularity because it offers natural-looking results for patients fighting hanging skin on the thighs.

What are the Benefits of a Thigh Lift?

There are many reasons patients turn to Dr. Schultz for a personalized thigh lift procedure. We understand the importance of achieving functional and cosmetic results that fit the individual needs of each patient. Depending on your desired outcome, thigh lift surgery can:

  • Shape and sculpt your thighs
  • Decrease the appearance of cellulite
  • Reduce excess chafing
  • Enhance your self-confidence
  • Improve your body contours
  • Provide better body proportions

how is a thigh lift performed?

During thigh lift surgery, general anesthesia is typically used. An incision is made close to the top portion of the leg in the natural crease where the thigh and torso meet. The incision usually continues along the middle section of the thigh area. This permits enough room to perform surgical liposuction (if wanted) to remove stubborn pockets of fat and trim the excess skin in the top thigh area. The remaining skin will be stretched upward so it is taut and safely secured with sutures. In certain patients, an incision may be made in the outer thigh area or underneath the buttocks, based on the amount of skin and tissue being addressed. Thigh lift surgery corrects the whole thigh area for a tighter, shapelier, more contoured look.

Get Tighter, Toned Thighs

If you have hanging skin on your thighs that causes anxiety or embarrassment, we encourage you to call our facility in Baltimore, MD, to find out more about a thighplasty. It's typical for patients to combine this procedure with one or more contouring procedures, especially ones that address nearby areas, including stomach surgery or a lift for the lower body, depending on your individual needs. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Schultz to get the toned appearance you want.

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