What Post-Operative Care Is Necessary After a Mommy Makeover?

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Many women are interested in achieving a new physique after bearing a child but do not understand how mommy makeovers work or what to expect. Choosing a mommy makeover at Ben Schultz, M.D. means receiving top-notch care in an environment that emphasizes safety and individualized attention. During a consultation, Dr. Benjamin D. Schultz addresses each patient's specific body goals, the most effective strategies to achieve them, and the essential post-operative care required for our patients in Baltimore, MD. Following a mommy makeover, Dr. Schultz provides detailed guidance on when to start exercising, the correct use of compression garments, and effective pain management medications. Every procedure is tailor-made to help meet personal needs, ensuring results that are both transformational and in alignment with the patient's natural physique.

What is a mommy makeover?

Mommy makeover surgery is a customized suite of procedures tailored to help mothers regain their pre-pregnancy body. This transformative process may include a breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, and other body contouring techniques, each aimed at addressing physical changes not typically reversible by diet and exercise alone. Performed using general anesthesia, the surgery varies in duration from 3 – 7 hours, depending on individual goals and the specifics of the procedures involved. Dr. Schultz is committed to creating a customized surgical plan for each patient, focusing on minimal scarring and optimal recovery, employing advanced surgical techniques to reduce recovery time and enhance healing.

What does mommy makeover recovery involve?

Recovery from a mommy makeover is as individual as the surgery itself. Generally, mommy makeover recovery time can take up to six months to heal, with patients advised to take the initial two weeks off from work and other strenuous activities. Dr. Schultz and his team provide detailed post-operative care instructions to ensure a smooth and safe recovery. It's important to follow these guidelines closely to avoid complications and achieve the best possible outcomes. Patients will receive continuous support from our team, who are readily available to address any questions or concerns during the recovery phase.

What special post-operative care is necessary after a mommy makeover?

After a mommy makeover, it's crucial to follow a tailored post-operative care plan to facilitate healing and maximize aesthetic results. Dr. Schultz emphasizes the importance of maintaining regular follow-up appointments, wearing compression garments as instructed, and managing pain according to the prescribed methods. Additionally, patients should avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise until Dr. Schultz confirms it's safe to resume such activities. Monitoring your progress will help our team address any concerns promptly and adjust the care plan as needed. This individualized care continues with personalized advice on diet and activity levels, which plays a critical role in the overall success of the surgery.

Choose Ben Shultz, MD for your mommy makeover in Baltimore

Selecting Dr. Benjamin D. Schultz for your mommy makeover ensures you are in the hands of a skilled and compassionate surgeon who understands the unique needs of mothers seeking to reclaim their bodies. At Ben Schultz, M.D., every step of the process, from the initial consultation through full recovery, is guided by extensive knowledge and a personalized approach to care. If you are considering a mommy makeover, contact Dr. Schultz in Baltimore, MD today to learn how you can achieve your post-pregnancy body goals.

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