How to Care for Your Skin After RHA® Injections

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At Ben Schultz, M.D., Dr. Benjamin D. Schultz and our experienced team offer innovative treatments for dynamic wrinkles through RHA injectable fillers. These fillers are not just any treatment; they represent the latest in aesthetic medicine technology, designed specifically to adapt to your facial movements, providing a more natural-looking result. Unlike traditional fillers, RHA fillers in Baltimore, MD work harmoniously with the skin, moving as you smile, frown, or laugh, ensuring that your expressions remain as dynamic as ever. This advanced treatment is a testament to Dr. Schultz's commitment to utilizing state-of-the-art solutions that cater to the unique needs of his patients.

How should you care for your skin after RHA injections?

After receiving RHA dermal fillers, proper aftercare is crucial to ensure the best possible results and minimize potential side effects. Initially, it's important to avoid touching or applying pressure to the treated areas to allow the filler to settle correctly. Dr. Schultz recommends keeping your skin hydrated and avoiding excessive heat, such as saunas or direct sunlight, for the first 48 hours post-treatment. These small steps can significantly impact the longevity and appearance of the filler. Additionally, applying a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer can also help keep the skin supple and reduce the chance of dryness or discomfort.

Can you apply makeup or skin care products after treatment?

One of the most common questions Dr. Schultz hears at his practice is about the return to daily skin care and makeup routines. The good news is that you don't have to abandon your skin care regimen after receiving RHA injections in Baltimore. However, it's advised to wait at least 24 hours before applying makeup or skin care products. This waiting period helps prevent irritation and allows the treatment areas to heal properly. When you start applying products again, opt for gentle, nonirritating formulas to protect your refreshed complexion. It's beneficial to use products with hydrating and healing properties to enhance recovery.

What are the long-term care strategies for maintaining your results?

To maximize the benefits of RHA fillers, incorporating a few long-term care strategies into your routine is beneficial. We emphasize the importance of a consistent skin care regimen tailored to your skin type, including daily sunscreen application to protect against premature aging. Regular follow-up treatments at Ben Schultz, M.D. can also help maintain your youthful appearance, as RHA injectable fillers are designed to be a part of an ongoing beauty routine. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, including staying hydrated and maintaining a balanced diet, can also play a crucial role in enhancing the longevity of your results.

Are you ready to achieve a more youthful appearance?

Dr. Benjamin D. Schultz and his team are committed to providing personalized care to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Whether you're looking to smooth out dynamic wrinkles or simply want to refresh your appearance, RHA dermal fillers in Baltimore offer a natural-looking solution. If you're considering RHA injections or have any questions about aftercare, contact Ben Schultz, M.D. Together, we can craft a personalized treatment plan that reflects your unique beauty and aesthetic aspirations.

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